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Verve has been around for a year already and our list of the exciting projects we have worked on this year has been incredible. Our focus has always been on elearning development, but we have seen a massive shift to digital talent all round.

We as thought leaders in eLearning has been talking about the disruptors of the future workforce for years, and the fact that moving to a more fluid workforce with digital support was on the horizon. The disruptor however turned out to be a horrible pandemic that needed digital support all round.

As a digital firm we embraced these changes and supported many organisations and schools on their digitisation journey with systems, content and change management.

Even though implementation of these solutions is right up our alley, we have also had our own challenges with the pandemic, and this affected us in a massive way.

This has seen us making some changes to our products and our internal team.

2021 will see a bigger more specialised team focusing on the best products and services the market has to offer, and dedicated delivery managers overseeing projects. Splitting the roles from generalist to more specialised will allow us to focus on our clients and their needs more intently. Investing in a bigger and more experienced team will also ensure we are the leaders in the creative, as well as delivery space.

We also will have a new list of products and solutions for 2021, which is sure to drive the market forward. We have solutions for the most cost effective Virtual Reality learning solutions for clients, selling of our newest partner, eLearning Brothers’ products and more progressive eLearning development solutions.

Part of our new product lineup is an exciting Learning eXperience Platform called KnowledgeLink, a Virtual Reality development tool called CenarioVR and what I believe is the best eLearning development tool Lectora.

2021 is primed to be the year of the eLearning Rockstar, so stay close to our blog and social streams and see what more exciting stuff we have for you!

Grover Abrahams

CEO – Verve Digital

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    Really exciting stuff Grover!

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